The Clumsys 2: Butterfly Effect

This sequel to The Clumsys takes up with Grandpa returning home from the past in his homemade time machine, only to find he brought back a dead prehistoric butterfly. Everyone knows when you disturb anything in the past, it alters everything up to the present. This is proven by the historic photos Grandpa keeps on his wall to make sure he doesn’t change anything while time traveling. Helen, his daughter, takes matters into her own hands and decides to go back to the past and make things right again.

The Clumsys 2: Butterfly Effect is just as good and enjoyable as the first hidden object Mac game. The historic facts are brought to life when you search through Thomas Edison’s home looking for pieces of the famous phonograph. After searching rooms for all the pieces, you must put the machine back together again. These subtle historic facts are fun to experience in this detailed hidden object game. The items you need to find are pictured on the screen. After finding all the pieces, you recreate the broken inventions, and then you must remove the things that do not belong in the past like cell phones, cassettes and other more modern gadgets.

There are many discoveries by man and Helen has her hands full finding each one to repair and make correct. After a few inventions, you get the hang of putting things back together again using simple logic. Whenever you move your cursor over an area and it changes to gears, you need to exam that area closer.

Much of Clumsys 2 is reminiscent of the first Clumsys and could get tiring after awhile, but the educational aspect of both these games are great for children. I liked the facts that were given for each invention or discovery. It brought back memories of many hours of studying but in a pleasurable way. The hidden object part of the game is not challenging, but still a hoot to play. If you should need a hint, they are available and interesting in their own right. The artwork is good, clear and entertaining (unlike some other HOGs where you can’t make out the item). The sound effects are appropriate and Grandpa’s ranting is very funny. Enjoy yourself going back in time and re-inventing the many innovations of mankind.

Features of The Clumsys 2: Butterfly Effect:

  • Help Helen Correct History
  • 30 Puzzles
  • 90+ Scenes