Snowy the Bear’s Adventure

Snowy the bear is the coolest little guy ever. Your goal in this classic arcade platform Mac game is to get him back home safely from the myriads of monsters attacking him from all sides. Is that too much to ask?

There are 3 modes to choose from in this challenging game of many levels. The Kid’s mode will give you 100 (!) lives with fewer monsters. Normal has 10 lives and double the monsters, and Hard is crazy with lots and lots of monsters and 10 lives. You must bring your game face for this mode in order to beat it.

This is your typical platform game where the monsters can come at you from all directions and all sizes, including the bosses. You use your control key and arrow keys to throw snowballs and maneuver around. I had trouble using the control button and arrows so I went into options and changed the control button to the space bar by clicking directly on control and changing it to any key. I chose the space bar since it’s centrally located and it’s bigger than the other keys. I use a MacBook Pro with Mac OS X, version 10.5.6. If you do not change this key, your screen will disappear. That was my only mishap I had with playing this Mac game.

The play is to move Snowy facing the enemies and clicking either your control or space bar to throw snowballs until the monster is completely covered and then kicking him out the game board. Be careful though the snowball may come back and take Snowy down losing a life.

This game is fast and you must move even faster to either avoid the bad guys or by throwing the snowballs. This action, shooter arcade play is more than awesome, it’s a challenging, strategic game with an upbeat music and happy character like Snowy. What more do you need for an exciting and electrifying play? Beat those monsters and get Snowy home.

I would definitely recommend this game to all the quick moving, coordinated (with practice) platform gamers who may enjoy a fun story about a fearless polar bear. Also kids and inexperienced gamers can learn from the 100 lives you have to practice this awesome game. The colors are so bright and intense and the artwork is imaginative. I didn’t know you could do so much with platforms. Don’t let the cuteness factor put you off. Snowy is one tough bear.

Features of Snowy the Bear’s Adventure:

  • Tons of Snowballs and Levels
  • Great Adventure
  • 4 Worlds