Simplz Zoo

Dual play games are happening more and more. Mac game Simplz Zoo is one of them with its match and sim plays. Its colorful animals make a welcome addition to any zoo, and it is your job to build the best one available.

Initially you change the name of Seagull Park Zoo to anything you like. Your goal is to make your zoo the number one zoo in the nation. You start at last place or 1000 and work your way up. You buy animal exhibits, concession stands, buildings and more to make your zooattractive to your customers. You obtain your money and material by playing match games. If you need help, Carly in the information booth will assist you. Addition money will be made through ticket sales and concession stands.

The sim play is very similar to others that build and create environments. Simplz Zoo is a little different with larger, moving graphics. Not only do you get the animal enclosures, but you get the animals as well. In some cases you will need to buy the denizens. The resources and the stats are listed on the bottom.

The match 3 or more similar items to collect is like other match games but with one exception. In this game you are able to move tokens diagonally as well as horizontally and vertically. This type of move takes a little practice, but you can quickly master this way of play in no time. The match game will garner you food and supplies for your zoo.

Simplz Zoo unlike other sim plays like Youda Marina or Plan It Green, does not have a time factor to rush you through the building of your zoo. It also is a lot easier to build and follow the instructions than other games. It’s not only great fun for match and sim players, but I think it will entertain children as well. Additional pluses for this game are the research facilities, animal data and administrative buildings. Your zoo is a modern state-of-the–art center for animals around the world. Make your personal zoo number one.

Features of Simplz Zoo:

  • Over 90 Animals
  • Personalize Your Zoo
  • Great Graphics and Music