Mythic Marbles

Even in ancient times playing marbles was not considered a profession one enters to support yourself. In Mythic Marbles Mac game you are sent out to find for yourself and prove to your father what an accomplished and talented marble player you are. You go from location to Mythic Marbles location in the city competing with the best of the best by eliminating their orbs before you lose all your marbles.

The goal of this game is easy. Knock your opponent’s marbles off the board before you lose all of yours. Your marbles are lined up at the Mystic Marbles bottom of the screen while the objects of your goal are rotating in various patterns and behind obstacles. You click on one of your marbles at the bottom to activate, and after clicking and dragging the meter to determine the speed and strength of your ball, you can click where you would like to shoot the orb. There are many blocks to hinder your success such as the walls where the marble can bounce off to another location so you must take care to angle your piece correctly. The black hole will take any marble down its mysterious and dark demise. The teleport will take your marble to a new location. That may not always be good.

Fortunately there are many bonuses to help your play. The glowing marbles have hidden bonuses in them and you must hit it to reveal its secrets. There are fireballs, electrified, extra marble and extra life. There’s one that will show you the trajectory of your marble. This bonus reminds me of the many match 3 orbs to destroy games like Luxor or Sparkle with their many power-ups. After each level Mythic Marbles achievement medals are awarded for completing a level with high accuracy. In addition, when you win master challenge marbles, they will appear in your marble section.

Mythic Marbles is an entertaining and different type of Mac game. It is enjoyable and easy to play. The levels do get harder the higher it goes up, but you get better at the play the same time. Anyone looking for a change of pace from the usual sim, match, rpg, card Mac games might try Mythic Marbles for a fun play.

Features of Mythic Marbles:

  • 100 Games of Marbles
  • 3 Modes
  • 3 Game Balls
  • 12 Unique Marbles