Mahjongg – Ancient Mayas

Whether you are a classic or adventure (story) player, you will not be disappointed with Mahjongg – Ancient Mayas Mac game. From choosing your tiles and background scenes, the game brings a relaxing and enjoyable play to your day.

The story starts dramatically with Dr. Deanfield’s recent Mayan discovery dropped to the floor by accident and revealing one of the reputed tiles of insight. There are 30 tiles in all and the professor and his colleague are immediately assigned to an expedition to recover the other tiles. This begins your exciting journey through the dense jungles of Central America from the famed Tikal temples and beyond. Mahjongg – Ancient Mayas 9

The play is to click on 2 free tiles. Tiles are free when there is no tile to the right or left. It also will be lit up with the unavailable tiles in the shadows. The object is to remove the tile that will reveal the most covered tiles. This will give you more options to match your tiles. The faster you play the more points you will garner so it behooves you to look ahead of each play to advance quickly. An addition to this game is you can match family tiles and not just identical ones. This mahjong game is a little different from many others because of its power-ups and bonus tiles assisting your play.

There is a joker tile where you are able to match it with any tile. An interesting bonus is the swapping tile where you can swap any 2 tiles’ positions. In swapping the tiles you must figure out the most strategic possible move to your advantage. The best tiles to use are the Mahjongg – Ancient Mayas 4ones with the lightning bolts. When you match these 2 tiles the level is complete. However most of the time these tiles are buried underneath all the other tiles and are unavailable until near the end of the level. There are many other pluses in this game and it is fun to discover all of them. The only minus I found with the power-up tiles is that it takes a while before you remember what each symbol represents and how to use them appropriately.

Mahjongg – Ancient Mayas is a good way to spend some relaxing time. Once you get into this play you want to continue, and if you play the adventure mode, you want to find out if Dr. Deanfield and his lovely assistant find all 30 insight tiles and how they use them. The music is appropriate to the Mayan theme and the graphics are good. Take some time and have fun with this mahjong game.

Features of Mahjongg – Ancient Mayas:

  • 11 Variations
  • 3 Difficulty Settings
  • Create Own Levels
  • 300 Layouts
  • Choose Tile Sets and Music