Mahjong Epic

To answer the inevitable question, yes. As the name may suggest, this game is indeed epic. From the constant and never-ceasing Enya-style music to the over one hundred unique levels, this game has a feel that can only be matched by its lofty name. Mahjong Epic is very straightforward. It is a mahjong game and that is all. The screen opens to the main screen which only holds the game, high score, options and other basic information. From there the game goes to the main board screen, which shows you all the boards you are capable of playing. Like I said before, there are over one hundred different titles, so the game has all kinds of replayability.

In addition, there is a custom board mode where you can create your own epic mahjong boards. This is actually a lot of fun and allows you to really let your creativity show. The creator mode is very user friendly and easy to use, just point and click where you want to tiles to appear on the board (there is a grid that helps you organize the board).

The only “special option” that the game has is the the sidebar that lets you see the solution to the board. Even though this was a good thought, it goes so quick no one could duplicate the solution. It flies by. The other in-game option on the sidebar include a shuffle option, a hide hint, and a save game. Each of these do exactly what they say and are not really needed, but are definitely handy.

With this game being so straightforward, it is difficult to write a lengthy review, but this is really what makes Mahjong Epic so good. Because it focused on the fundamental game and not special or flashy extras, the creators were able to create a game true to the ancient Chinese classic. The only problems I had with the game was the music, which was on repeat and needed to have some sort of diversity, and the backgrounds, which should have either stayed the same or changed more frequently. I would give Mahjong Epic three and a half stars out of five.

Features of Mahjong Epic:

  • Over 100 different boards
  • Custom levels
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Watch the solution to any level