Do you remember the good old days? Riding in your car and hearing your favorite song on the radio. That was the best. Even if you were having a bad day, those first few notes, which you know by heart, would instantly brighten even the cloudiest of weather. Well, think about that image and bring it to 2009. Now you can listen to your favorite song whenever you please with iPods and MP3 players that can be put on whenever. Now, you may be asking yourself, what does this have to do with MacPinball?

Think about those good old days once again. What is something that reminds you of a simpler time, a time when MPBALL_3happiness was only a quarter from Mom’s purse away. That was the pinball machine, and even though I might not remember the glory days of the pinball parlor, I am old enough to remember going to the arcade and trying to break the high score on the machines. Now, bring that memory back to the 21st century.

MacPinball is the answer to your craving for nostalgia. And better yet, you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to have your very own pinball machine. Rather, just boot up the computer and you can play pinball all day, everyday. MacPinball has six different boards, so it’s like having six different machines. Every level is unique and has special nooks and crannies that makes the game so replayable. MacPinball also has many different options that allow you to change camera angles, ball speed, and sound effects.

Speaking of sound effects, in addition to having the real deal pinball noise, MacPinball boasts a soundtrack of over 50 different streamed songs. If this doesn’t get do it for you, you can turn off the sound completely and blast that favorite song of yours over the sound of the rattling balls and flashing lights.

Even though many PC people will say that they already have a free pinball application, Mac users do not have the same luxury. Free internet games have a similar pitch, but the adds and dependence on a solid internet connection make gameplay difficult at times. MacPinball is your answer for pinball wherever you are. Commuting to work on the train, bring your laptop and play MacPinball the whole time. Going to a boring piano recital, sneak the computer in and play to your heart’s content (on silent mode of course). Flying on an airplane, well you get the picture. Overall, this game inspires the kid inside us and who can put a price on that. I would give MacPinball four out of five stars.

Features of MacPinball:

  • Awesome 3D effects
  • More than 50 original streamed songs
  • Global and local scoring tables
  • Solo or 2-player modes