Light Quest

Making its grand debut on the Mac App Store is a new type of adventure puzzle game Light Quest. It’s a scrolling platform play using laser beams and a stranded robot named LQ.

LQ was headed home to his beloved wife and puppy when out of nowhere came a big blob. It turned out a dump ship was spewing debris all over the place and almost banged into poor LQ’s spaceship. Luckily LQ is skilled in dodging meteors and such. The console started beeping rapidly, and LQ realized all the expert maneuvering he performed drained the batteries of its power. Only thing to do was to land on a strange unknown planet and try to recharge at a refueling station.

Your adventure begins at the deserted station where LQ finds himself. He or you must follow the laser beam and lead it back to the spaceship to recharge. Using the arrow keys you can travel right or left and the up arrow to jump up. Also if you like to use your left hand the A, W and D keys will work the same way. While you are following this beam of light, you collect lug nuts, mirrors and beam splitters along the way. The lug nuts really do not do anything for you but it’s like any other platform game where you collect as many as possible some item usually fruit or coins. Also it’s just fun to do. Jump as high as you can, run as fast as you can to collect all of these things for another challenge.

The mirrors and beam splitters, however, are important and extremely functional. Without these items you cannot get anywhere. In order to enter doors, power elevators and move objects you will need to aim the laser beam you have been following at light receptacles. They usually are rectangular with a red and green light. Once you do that the doors will open, the elevator will go up or down, and you can use the other power equipment. The mirrors (2 sided and 1 sided red ones) and beam splitters will bend the laser beam so it hits the receptacles. It’s up to you to figure out the correct angle to reflect and bend it at the right projection. Just like the lug nuts you touch the mirrors and beam splitters to acquire them. They will go up to the right upper side of the screen until you need them. When you find these items, you know you have to use all of them to get the beam a certain angle and sometimes a lot of bending is required. However you must used them sparingly so you get to your final destination.

The difficult parts are when you have to go back and forth from one location to another to make sure the beam is aimed correctly because you may not be able to view the entire situation. Another hard part for non-platform players is the jumping to another elevation. Sometimes you need to continuously press the right or left arrow until the correct time to jump. When you press the big red button, it will move objects, but watch out because they may move back.

Light Quest is for puzzle playing platform gamers who want a new and exciting play to meet their thirst for a challenge. The different environments (although a little dark, but you need that for the laser) you will encounter will take some thinking on how to reflect the laser beam through different floor levels, out doors and through objects in order to refuel LQ’s little space mobile so he can return to his home planet and to his family. Light Quest reminded me of Mac game Bob Came in Pieces. It didn’t have the humor like Bob, but the feel of the game is similar. With Bob you also go through dark corridors and places to get him home again. Try it out and see if you have the skills to play this original and creative game by bending light.

Features of Light Quest:

  • 10+ Hours of Creative Gameplay
  • 5 Original Music Scores
  • Collect the Lug Nuts