Letters from Nowhere

Mac game Letters from Nowhere sets the scenes for an interesting search for a lot of stuff. In other words it is a good hidden object play. The story begins with Audrey being followed by a stranger on her way home. Once there she waits for her husband, Patrick, who does not show up. The police are unwilling or unable to help so she starts the investigation on her own. Not entirely on her own. She finds letters from nowhere and thus begins her adventure into the unknown. Who is writing these notes, are they from her husband and what is she getting herself into?

As mentioned before, there are a lot of cluttered HOG scenes with a few mini puzzles. The HOG scenes will have the list of items you need to find at the bottom of the screen. Some of the objects will have to be put together to cross off the list. For instance, doll is listed but you will need to find the head and body to put them together before it will be removed from the listed items. The hint button is the magnifying glass to the right of the list and recharges quickly, however, if you use it, you will be lose a lot of points. You’ll lose more points if you click on too many wrong items. The points are important since you can unlock bonuses with them. One such bonus is the thermometer. When you find the thermometer in a scene, it will register hot/cold when you are close or far from a listed object.

The few puzzles in this game are easy to do and not very challenging. There are jigsaw puzzles and memory games. If you do the mini games and not skip them, you will win a collective stamp. There’s a Trophy room for all the awards you win. In addition there are 3 stamps in each scene. If you find all 50 stamps, you unlock the Unlimited Mode at the end of the game.

Letters from Nowhere is a good solid HOG. Its not too easy and you may need to use the hint button, although it will cost you. However, it is not so hard that you will get frustrated. The artwork is good and the sound okay. The side games do not distract from the main play and the awards and stamps only add to the play. The story, however, did not engage me that much and the ending left you hanging. I guess that may be the whole point and you have to wait for the sequel. I give it a 3 out of 5 for all the scenes and objects.

Features of Letters from Nowhere:

  • Good Hidden Object Plays
  • Find the mystery of Patrick’s Disappearance
  • Trophy Room and Stamp Awards