Jewel Quest Mysteries

Looking for lost treasure would get old by now, right? Jewels Quest Mysteries-Curse of the Emerald Tear is just as exciting and fun as all the Jewel Quest series, and you are still looking for lost treasure. Go figure. In this Mac game you have the hidden object play with a match game and an early game board puzzle.

The main play is the hidden object one with a little twist to it. Instead of getting helps automatically you must search for 3 gold coins in order to get hints for your game. In addition to the usual list of items located on the left side, you need to search for gems scattered throughout each location. The gems will buy you upgrades to your game so it is important to find as many as possible in each area.

You are in Egypt and the map takes you to various locations in your search for treasure. Also watch out to not click randomly on items or you will be deducted time. There are 2 modes of play for the hidden object game, Regular Time and Extended Time. The choice is yours.

In Jewel Quest Mysteries you have the familiar story of searching for gems in this case the Emerald Tear, Rupert and Emma Pack and in a place like the Valley of the Kings, Egypt. Of course, not to mention the fabled power of this gem to do great things is another draw to investigate this unique game. All this sounds all too cliché, but Jewel Quest is consistently good with all their games and this one is no exception. The graphics and sound effects are excellent, and the play is enjoyable. This game combines the Jewel Quest match games with a hidden object play in the best possible way.

Features of Jewel Quest Mysteries:

  • 18 Backgrounds
  • Exotic Hidden Object Games
  • Mini Games
  • Jewel Quest Mystery Storyline