Floating Kingdoms

Cornelia is the star pupil of the Chief Imperial Architect, Sancho, who must restore the many floating kingdoms in the empire. You, as Cornelia, must produce, harvest, gather resources and feed the villagers in each floating island through games and puzzles in Mac sim game Floating Kingdoms.

Each individual kingdom is different. Some have more buildings and resources than others. The different structures will help obtain the needed resources to rebuild your island village. The first puzzle to complete is mahjong. Here you can match the tiles to earn resources like lumber and stone. Be sure to quickly finish the tile game since it is timed. Click on one of the farms and pack the produce in boxes. The vegetables and fruits will come down the conveyor belt and you click on the item and then click on the outlined form to place in the crates. The mill will grind down the grains for the people to make food from and feed the masses. The mini game here is to place the correct grain on the stone with the outline of the plant. Another game is to feed the people by making pizzas for the long line of villagers.

Afterwards, you are ready to build the palace. This is the last activity for each island. However, the castle goes up by itself or I should say, the villagers build the palace while you watch. You continue on to the next floating island to help the people there.

Each floating island has similar mini games to improve each situation. This becomes a little repetitive after awhile. The tutorial is quite extensive even though the play is easy enough the timed factor will make you go back and redo puzzles. I like to do mahjong leisurely and not have to worry about finishing quickly. Floating Kingdoms with its adventure and many puzzles is not my cup of tea, but may be for some casual gamers. The artwork is distinctly drawn and vibrant. Get busy building the palaces and watch out for the pirates!

Features of Floating Kingdoms:

  • Adventure Story
  • Many Different Mini Games
  • Sim Time Management