Emerald City Confidential

LA Confidential gone green? No, Emerald City Confidential, with the feel of LA in the first half of the 1900s with its seedy criminal activities, is a seek and find game located in the green Oz world of the future. References are made about the Lion, Scarecrow, Dorothy and others to keep with the Wizard of Oz theme.

You are Petra the tough talking P.I. in this busy metropolis who is investigating a missing person in addition to fighting with her enemies. In the prologue you are in the warehouse district, and your quest is to get Petra inside by finding and clicking on a crowbar to open the door, but before that happens she is sprayed with poppy gas and finds herself hanging from a bridge talkingThis article is about the latest Mac game reviews, ratings and mentions. Here you will find information about one of the most sold game on the market – Emerald City Confidential. Read it right now! to Lion. Emerald City is very corrupt, and Petra is always getting herself in trouble investigating shady characters.

There is a knock at Petra’s P.I. office door and she finds “Dee” aka Dorothy Gale famous girl who flew into town years ago. She is trying to find her fiancé who is missing. Petra takes the case and she is off and running from site to site and back again. The Gump stand (resembles a bus stop) will fly Petra to the different locations within the green city. The journal keeps track of all her clues so refer to it when you need it. Whenever Petra encounters anyone there are always several choices of conversation to choose from which may or may not supply you with clues, and depending on which statement you choose will take you on a different path.

A side puzzle to this game is when she encounters a mule who is the bodyguard of one Miss Betsy Bobbins. Petra needs to get inside and question her but cannot get past the mule until Petra brings the 2 types of flowers Betsy likes.

Emerald City Confidential is an engrossing play with some delay due to the many different choices in conversations. The feel of a seedy, crime infested city is there and the dialogue is classic old time movie talk. I found the graphics amazing, but the play is at times drawn out and long when I just wanted to know what is going on with the investigation. Still, I would like to know what happens to Dorothy, the Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow and will continue with the play to find out.

Features of Emerald City Confidential:

  • Over 50 environments
  • Solve Conspiracy
  • Explore Oz