Christmas Puzzle

Take a few days off and all these Christmas games show up. No matter. Christmas fun can still be played even a few days after the season. In fact you can play these games all year round. Mac match 3 game Christmas Puzzle is a holiday play with a little sim game of decorating your home with lights and other festive adornments.

The object of this swap match 3 game is to clear all the plates both silver and gold plus bring the Santa coins down the board to collect. You swap 2 Christmas items from candy canes, gingerbread men, ornaments to Santa’s hats in order to make a match of 3 of the same objects either horizontally or vertically. You must also make the matches over the plates to clear (2 times for the gold plates), and bring down the coins by making matches below them.

After making enough matches the hammer will charge up and you can use it to clear 1 square. The more matches you make the faster the hammer will recharge. You click on the hammer when it is ready and then drag it to the square you wish to destroy. This power up comes in handy when you have one stubborn block you need to remove. The other power ups show up on the board like the bombs, rockets and the Hameleon (multi-color orb that can be used to match any object).

With no timer this game is relaxing and fun. There are enough power ups to keep you happy and the hammer will aid you immensely. The Christmas-like music is upbeat and happy putting you into the holiday spirit any time of the year. The background snowy scenes are appropriate for the play. The sim play also enhances your enjoyment by letting you decorate your house with beautiful lightings and other ornaments before the arrival of Santa. The plays are easy but good for match 3 players who want to hone their skills in a relaxing mode. It definitely is not a challenging play but you don’t need the difficult games all the time. The time, however, flies when playing this match 3 levels so try it out and bring the cheerful season back for some fun. I give it a 3.5 out of 5.

Features of Christmas Puzzle:

  • Christmas Theme
  • Swap Match 3 Games
  • Power Ups
  • Decorate Your House Before Santa Arrives

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