Cats Inc.

Cat lovers rejoice! Here’s a Mac platform puzzler with 3 mischievous cats that get into everything and everywhere. Figure out how to get these 3 cats pass the obstacles and get the scrumptious sausages in this fun physics based game.

You use the 3 cats with 3 different skills to overcome the many different blocks. The goal is to get all the sausages by getting one of the cats to jump and snag one of these delectable treats. The cats’ faces are at the top left of the screen. When you click on one of them, you can use your arrow keys to make that particular felinemove about. The right and left keys move the cats horizontally and the up arrow makes them jump. The yellow fat cat can muscle his way through most barriers like boxes, walls and more. The blue sleek cat jumps high but has problems getting through low spaces. The red kitten can go through these areas because of its size. Alternate the cats and you can succeed in getting the plumb brown sausages and get to the exit. All 3 cats must reach the exit to end the level.

The many obstacles can be a challenge but once you figure out the play, it becomes relatively easy. The wall with the knobs is a door and the only way the cats can open it is to move an heavy object on top of the automatic button located near the entrance. A stack of crates is no problem for the heavy set cat who can move tall barriers and topple them so the rest of the crew can go through. The cats will travel through different locations in the city including the sewer system in order to find food.

This puzzler is a fun, easy game to play. The 2D artwork is delightful and the cats are reminiscent of the felines in those famous Disney movies. They have personalities to match their amazing skills. The music is a joyful, goofy upbeat tune that makes you feel like playing the game. It may be more of a challenge for children but adults may enjoy the cute aspect of this puzzle. Try it out and help the cats get to the yummy sausages by working together.
Features of Cats Inc.:

  • 30 Levels of Puzzles
  • Cats with Skills
  • Happy Music and Great Artwork