Bob the Builder Can-do Zoo

Bob the Builder is at it again. This time he is building a zoo. Bob the Builder Can-Do Zoo is a series of educational and entertaining children’s basic sim type of game. Bob is a boxy, friendly and encouraging cartoon character who will help your toddler learn new shapes, colors, patterns, tools and planning. It sounds overwhelming for a 2 year old, but with its simple oral instructions, your curious youngster will have more than a learning experience, but also fun at the same time.

Choose a profile from Scoop the front loader, Roley the rolling truck, and Muck the mixed front loader and truck vehicle. I know one kid who would love to have a garbage truck to choose from the list. This game would be ideal for him. There are 3 modes of play: Free play, Sticker Book and Story. In Free play you decide the game by moving the cursor over the boxes, and it will tell you what the play is all about. You click on one of the many boxes and then click on the difficulty level. One game is to put the tool back in the appropriate toolbox. You match the color and the type of tool. Another play is to return your zoo animal back to their homes. Once again it will match the color of the animal with a shape and color of the same kind of item. A little more difficult play is to put the blueprints in sequence. This may take some work with the youngest of toddlers, but older 3-4 year olds will be able to master it. A fun play is the find the same tools under the pile of leaves. The leaves will part and separate revealing various tools to choose from. You click on the same tool shown at the top of the screen. Be sure to match the right colors.

A different game is to paint a fence at the zoo in different patterns. Also a similar play is when the truck drives up with piles of supplies and you are to click on the pile that will fit the pattern already on the truck. Bob the Builder is very helpful and always there for you to support moves, and if you should make a mistake he simply says try again. Other great things he’ll say are yes, got it, and nice job. Always simple and to the point.

The Sticker mode is just that. There are stickers at the bottom of the screen that you have won from playing the games. With these stickers you can create a fun and playful scene of your very own. The third mode is Story. It is all the games put together to produce a smooth story about creating a zoo. You will play the same games as the Free Play mode in an orderly fashion beginning with the plans and blueprints.

Bob the Builder Can-Do Zoo is a well thought out great learning and playing experience for young children from 2 to possibly 5 year olds. It all depends on the child and how far along they have developed. All kids are different and they develop at different stages so as a parent you will have to gage the pre-schoolers ability to play this wonderful Mac game. Once hooked on this colorful, well drawn, and very communicative play, your child will find a new world of learning and fun.

Features of Bob the Builder Can-do Zoo:

  • Teaches Creative Problem Solving
  • Collect Stickers
  • Fun for Children