Around the World in 80 Days

Around the World in 80 Days based on Jules Verne’s famous story about Phileas Fogg, who is challenged to prove that this travel can be done, is an entertaining Mac game for all who enjoy match plays. With more than 80 levels and adventure in faraway lands, seas and in the air, there is plenty of action and delight to be found in each scene.

The board game is your basic match 3 buttons or more to clear the board play. This game is particularly nice with the button items that make the matches easier to see than other games with cute crabs, turtles, swords, icons, masks, pottery or whatever. When you have many different looking pieces all over the play board, it looks like it is too much and your eyes race back and forth trying to make a match. Around the World has buttons in different colors with shapes just different enough to differentiate it from each other, but not so different to make the board look busy. The sound from making the match is also nice. I can’t explain it, but the sound effect adds to your play and is very important.

There are pieces of a puzzle among these buttons in the squares, and when they reach the bottom will fly to the outline at the left side screen. Once all the fragments are on the silhouette and the picture complete, the level is over. The picture will be an item you may need as a help in later plays. The items are placed in Phileas’ carpetbag located in the lower right side of the screen. There is another match board game where you change the background color to complete the level. Also the power-ups are similar to the hammers in Jewel Match and Jewel Match 2. However, after the spyglass hammer that can destroy all the same colors, there are bombs and fireballs to earn by making 4 or more items match. Depending on the power of the hammer and power-ups, it can do many things that will help you complete the level. You need to use the power-up in the lower left hand side since it does not carry over to the next level. You start with 3 lives to complete your game.

Around the World in 80 Days is an incredible adventure story and this Mac game did an awesome job with the many unusual cast of characters, the travel through all the countries, and the match game with its many new power-ups and great graphics. This is the adventure you have been waiting for so travel the world and have fun doing it.

Features of Around the World in 80 Days:

  • Adventures Around the World
  • More than 80 Levels
  • Bonus Screensavers
  • Great Sto